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DX-Pedition Lesotho 2019
The team
Rune LA7THA. Team leader.
Operated as S9LA, Z2LA, 5B/LA7THA.
Received my license 1991
Enjoy Dxing and particular 160, do participate in some of the major contests.
Preferable mode is CW, but do some SSB and Digi.
Enjoying the technical part of the hobby, experimenting with RX antennas, i have built two tube amps currently building a RF-kit solid state amplifier.
Wil be active on cw, ssb and digimode.
LB2HG, Harald
Previous call LA6LHA.
Operated as LU/LA6LHA, JW6LHA. US call AA4NX
Received my amateur radio license in 1990. DXCC HR #1 Mixed. Dedicated DX'er. Enjoying repairing/modifying/building linear amps.
Working all modes however phone and digi modes mostly and still need to work hard to improve my CW proficiency.
Will be active in ssb and digimode,
Chris OE5CWO, age 29
Have been active from TF and F6.
Intererests: Antennas, DXing, contesting, ragchewing and more. Will be active on ssb and digimode.
Phillipp OE7PGI
My Interests are SSB,FT8 and a little RTTY, Low Bands and 6m TEP. November 2015 I was QRV from PJ4. In october 2017 I was QRV 2 weeks from several location in West France.
Than in March 2018 my dream come true to be QRV from Africa.
I was 11 Days QRV from Benin as TY7C.
Wil be acrive on ssb and digimode
Born in 1949, licensed since 1982. Have been activ tree times from Svalbard as JW7WCA, Greenland as OX/LA7WCA, Faroe island as OY/LA7WCA, SaoTome & Principe as S9LA and my latest trip to Zimbabwe with the Z2LA team. Also worked in Tanzania in 1993 and used callsign 5H3 / LA7WCA, but this operation was never approved in the DXCC. Will be active on ssb and digimode
Piotr LA7RRA, age 42.
First Licensed in 1995.since then fan of CW mode.
Enjoyng CW QSOs, and expermenting with RX antennas.
Working as Land Surveying Engineer out in the fields and in the office. Wil be active on cw, ssb digi
Svein, LA3BO, age 65.
Licensed since 1970.
Active contester, mainly CW.
Enjoy SOTA activations.
No previous expedition experience. Wil be active on cw
Svein Jarle, LA9KKA, age 56.
"Owner of all technical difficulties" - small or large.  Solving most of them - or at least trying to.
IT consultant by trade, first licensed as LC3EAT in the mid 1990s.
Participant of S9LA and 3G0YM/3G0YP expeditions.
Interests include VHF/UHF, DV, digimodes and Emcomm activities.
Will take care of computers, networking, radio interfacing and related matters, and operate FT8
Thor LA9VPA age 54.
Licensed since 2007
Can't join the tour this time.
But I want to be there in the spirit.
Operates ssb, digimode and cw.
I was a part of the Z2LA team in Zimbabwe last year.
Pilot station and responsible for web page