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DX-Pedition Lesotho 2019
The Kingdom of Lesotho is a independent country since 1966 and land-locked country, entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.
Lesotho has a population of approximately 2,2 million people. (2017)

The 7P8LB Team are now well established as they near their departure date in a few weeks time.
7P8LB will be active from Lesotho during the period of the 8th - 16th of March 2019. based at Molengoane Lodge, grid loc: KG30VO.
LA7THA Rune has organized and planned the trip during the last year. The reason Lesotho was chosen as a "target" is; It's high up on Low Band Most Wanted Lists and it is "new" on FT8.

There will be 8 operators and we planning to have 2-3 stations running 24/7. We will work all HF bands SSB, CW, with focus on low bands and FT8.

Thanks to HA5AO Pista, ZS4TX Bernie and F5JTV Alain for great help and advice during the planning process.


7P8LB Lesotho march 2019
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